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To the staff of Best Friends. We recently and reluctantly left out little Daisy with you for 6 nights. She stayed in the Wild West area. I say reluctant because last year we left her for a week at another facility. When we returned she was not the same happy little girl she had been before. It was about 8 plus weeks before she slowly started being herself again. We were so upset and knew she had not been taken care of and sad that she may have been neglected or worse. I have to say I was nervous about leaving her again. The day we picked her up she was clean healthy looking and one happy little girl. She came home and was immediately her old self. Playing and running and being the little stinker she tends to be. Her appetite was good as ever. Thank you all from two grateful hearts for taking such good care of our Daisy. She will be back in October when we plan our next trip. And I won't worry at all that time.

Mary Moore

It's with great sadness that we inform you of Coco Perez's passing...our beloved Coco crossed the rainbow bridge 4 weeks ago on January 13. Just after Christmas we noticed her stumbling slightly, then she had rapid horizontal eye movement and difficulty walking. Our Vet diagnosed seizures and, many tests later, it was discovered that she had large masses on her liver and spleen; they were most likely malignant and spreading to her brain thus causing the seizures. Although Coco never complained, we could not watch her suffer and so we made the heartbreaking decision to end her suffering. Coco will live forever in our hearts. We wanted you to know and to thank you for taking such good care of her too. Someday, maybe next year, after we've grieved and healed we hope to have an other loving companion and use your services again.

Brenda & Carlos Perez

We want to thank you for taking great care of our two Shelties, Ranger and Scout, while we were on vacation. This was the first time I have ever boarded dogs. Because of great referrals, we were very comfortable leaving our babies in your care. We did not worry about them, because we knew they were in great hands. And what a cool facility for the dogs! They loved it! Best Friends Too is the best! (And the groomer did an awesome job too!) Thank you.

Margaret & Mark Peres

We are always delighted with the care our pets receive at Best Friends Too. This time I was nervous about leaving our little dog because she is quite old and we were going to be gone for two weeks. She received such love and care from the staff that I can't say enough good things! Our friends were allowed to visit at anytime and they always commented that the pets were happy and content. They also said that all the areas were amazingly clean. The staff went above and beyond to make sure our little elderly one was warm, healthy and happy, and gave the same attention to the needs of our other dog who requires a special diet and our cat who needs a lot of affection. You can be sure that their concern for your pets is sincere. I love Best Friends Too and highly recommend them!


We wanted to say that we LOVE Best Friends Too. Kim is the most compassionate animal lover we have ever met (Dawn comes a close second). Last October our Sheltie, Riley, was in his senior years and experiencing difficulties from the effects of a brain tumor. We had a trip planned that could not be canceled so we went to talk to Kim to take care of him while we were gone and told her of his finicky eating habits and lack of mobility. She relieved our fears and told us he would be treated like a king. We came back after a week and Kim brought him to us all cuddled up like a little baby. She said she sat with him in her lap many times and at feeding time, she would hand feed him to be sure he got his nourishment. He fell in his water bowl several times and they picked him up, washed and dried him and cuddled him. We could not believe the love and care she and her staff showed towards our Riley! It was awesome. Two weeks later Riley passed away. We drove out to Best Friends Too to tell Kim in person. The three of us stood there crying like babies. We're not sure Kim wasn't more emotional than we were. She was heartbroken and seemed to miss him every bit as much as we did. We know that our Riley was well-loved and taken care of from the first time to the last time he stayed with Kim and the staff. How do you put a price on THAT?"

Ron & Pam Knotts

Hi Ladies, I left a voicemail about setting a grooming appointment for Fitz. But then, I realized that I haven't told how you've spoiled me the last 12 years and my two Newfie boys and thier buddies: the great pyrenees (GP) Highness and the dalmatian who worshipped them all. My current GP is a shelter dog who was deeply loved beofre we found each other, so he is so easy to love. And even though we now live in SW Austin, you guys have set the benchmark for boarding and grooming at both locations that all of my bets friends must experience. You're stuck with us!

Cindy and Fitz

This is absolutely the best boarding house! The staff is wonderful and caring and the grounds are well kept and extremely clean. I also love their grooming salon. All around good people and facility. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Donna Barber

I absolutely LOVE Best Friends--both locations! I searched for places high & low to board my pup (German Shorthaired Pointer) in Round Rock & no place had GRASSY yards for dogs to play! I am appalled at the idea of boarding a dog in a cement cell & having "play time" in indoor play yards...That's where Best Friends comes in. Grassy yards, CABINS, ALL OUTDOORS! Being a Bastrop native my parents have boarded their dogs for years at Best Friends & I find it the only place that gives my dog more than what I pay for him to stay. I make the drive out to the Cedar Creek location from Round is beyond worth it!!

Also absolutely noteworthy: When the Bastrop fires started (my dog was boarded) Best Friends took on as many animals as they could to help those evacuating their homes. Operation overload. I called that Monday morning at 3am & someone answered! They were NOT leaving the animals unattended. The Cedar Creek location was later evacuated due to the Union Chapel fire & in talking to Dawn later, authorities told her she had no time to evacuate the animals. Dawn cares for all of the animals like they were her own & she & her crew managed to get all of the animals evacuated & off to the Rosanky location. I don't know how they did it but God Bless Best Friends & their ability to save all of the animals! I boarded my pup once again after the fires & was amazed at the amount of pups they are keeping for people who lost their homes. Only place I know that cares about each animal like they were their own. :) I recommend Best Friends to everyone!!

TREMENDOUS!! We were really in a pinch over the Holidays. We unexpectedly needed to go out of town, & our usual kennel of choice (Stay n Play) was booked far in advance. Luckily, Best Friends Boarding Too had an opening. On the phone the woman I spoke with was very kind & informative. When we dropped our dog off, they gave us a tour of the facility, & let my husband take our four year old in the yard to say goodbye. He was able to see his pet wagging her tail in the beautiful yard & he was relieved. He especially liked the idea that she might take a swim in the bone-shaped pool!

While we were on our trip they emailed us photos of our dog with nice messages to update us on her great visit. She looked happy in all the pictures & we felt very comfortable knowing she was being cared for by people who clearly knew who she was, instead of just a number in a kennel. Her condo was awesome - like her own little log cabin of sorts with a little sidewalk & yard. The play yards are green & clean, & planty big enough. The whole facility was spotless, & the main office/lobby felt like checking in to a resort. We felt that the prices were spot-on reasonable. She was groomed before we collected her & she smelled great for weeks. Not offensive, just clean & snuggle-able. What else can I tell you - this kennel is awesome! We will definitely let our pup stay with her new friends at BFBT again. Yippee!!

Thank you so much for the pictures of Pete. It appears he enjoyed his 'vacation' as much as we did without having to worry about his well-being under your care. Your facility is lovely, clean and the staff are friendly. I've posted the pics onto my Facebook page and already am receiving comments. We'll certainly call you first the next time we need overnight accommodations for Pete. Floyd and I will highly recommend you to all of our friends.

Janice Elledge; Dale, TX.

For years I have been having to transport my dogs into Austin proper to have them stay at a facility that could accommodate their needs. Thank you for being here!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciated all the loving attention you gave to my [dogs]. It took a huge load off my mind knowing how well cared for they were. I have only one complaint-they are so spoiled now, it's hard to live with them.

The Barbers

Again, thank you and your wonderful staff for all your hard work, kindness and understanding in knowing how much our dogs mean to us.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We were so relieved to have you keep our dogs, over the weekend. Since this was their first time away from us, we were a little nervous, but you eased those worries and your facility is absolutely great! I really don't think they wanted to come home!

Carolyn Patterson

You are worth the drive from Houston. Thank you again.

I want to thank you and your staff for taking care of both of our girls. We lost [one of them] this past Thursday the 20th. When they were in your care I knew I didn't have to worry about them. Thank you for that love and care you gave them.

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